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Remix Culture

week 15

So for this week’s blog I chose to gather images from a magazine and the one I drew. Basically the reason why I chose these specific images to talk about it’s because these pictures kinda correlate to people that loves sweet and just doing fun things during their free time or during their hangouts. For example boba milk tea, has been a drink that is popularized by a lot of people since it is well known and a lot of people get that as a daily. Along with the polaroid, everyone must love taking photos to create memories. The internet culture is something very important in our society and it is always use on the daily to express people’s reaction and feelings toward something they like to do.

About copyright although I didn’t do a video for my blog this week I believed that it is something that people should get credit for especially if its their own work, and if someone takes it without a consent then they should receive consequences for it. This activity was actually a little interesting because I get to gathered a few things and put it together in a piece, but ultimately I feel like if I had more images to put it would’ve been so much better because I am able to see like the different things place there.

Graffiti Writing

Idea #14

The experience after making this is that I enjoyed writing my name in bubble letters. Usually I am really bad at doing letter in bubble shape, but I tried my best so the results didn’t come out as bad as I thought. Some of the letters didn’t come out evenly but I like how it came out, and would possibly do this again for fun.

Artist Conversation #5

Exhibition Information:

Artist- Kiyom Fukui

Exhibition- seed of contemplation, poetics of relation, Irvine fine art center

Media- printmaking, graphic design

Gallery- DAC and Brea gallery


Instagram- Kiyomimiz

  1. Kiyomi is a Japanese-American artist. She received her MFA in printmaking from California State University Of Long Beach and her BFA in graphic design from La Sierra University. Some of her recent galleries include; Seeds of Contemplation, Poetics of relation, paperworks refolded.
  2. The materials she uses is tatting, crocheting, and printmaking and collects disposable materials and find ways to creating her art pieces together. She tends to use more plants, paper to create. Her artwork consist of light colors such as the basic colors of plants such as green, white, brown. Also her work consist of dirt, fragile paper, composted dirt, seeds.
  3. Some of her artwork includes her talking about her parents which she uses art to communicate her ideas. She also talked about the art that she made out of origami paper because, which she indicated that it is the conversations she had with her dad and it’s her way of emphasizing so she chose to make cranes and put them in chronological order. Her recent project was called the green thumb project which was the mold of her mother that was in Korea, she chose to mold her thumb and bring it to the states and uses disposable materials to make her plant.
  4. I feel like her art was something interesting to see. It was really different because for her art piece she uses a lot of disposable items to create her pieces. I like the way she uses her parents as art and included about the paper cranes and describe the relationship she had between her dad, and the thumb of her mother which symbolize something that occurs in her life.

Virtual Art Gallery

Week 12

Alayna’s art

She is a digital artist. Her inspirations came from video games, board games etc. Looking at the different arts that are made it consisted of cloudy and animated backgrounds of building from like a movie or game which is something like scientific or fantasy scenes. She uses a more dark modern color to fit with her theme and with mountains along with her surrounding environment.

Petra’s Art

She uses both digital and analog. Her work consist of many different colors to make her art pieces stand out. Her pieces are seen to be more appealing when she uses the bright colors and adds graphic.

Alyn’s Art

This Art is sort similar to the first artist I was talking about. I can see that the art kind of resembles to the kind of themes. For this one, I can see that the colors are more dark mixed with realistic scenes and structure. The theme for this one is, Science-fiction, fantasy that may be seen in games, entertainment.

All of the three artists all have artworks that correlate with each other. The work that is completed in each kind of tells that what kind of genre they’re interested in. They each have a set of genre that are a little the same and different in a way but can see what they are envisioning. I chose to explore about these artists of the terrific artwork that they’ve made. You can get an idea of how the games and movies get there background and graphic from. These all have to be made in some sort of way to begin it in order to be used in something. The more you look at it the more realistic it looks and you can imagine how it is in real life.


Week# 11

  1. My goals for this video was to create in a video about what I usually do on a daily basis during quarantine. Although in the beginning I didn’t really plan how everything was going to be like so I was just going with the flow.
  2. I feel like I didn’t really accomplished my goals, because there is some things that I can change about it and make it more interesting. At some point, I started to realized that I should think of an idea of what I want to talk about because I kept messing up and became clueless of what I was going to say.
  3. What I can change about it is the way it was running like I could think of more ideas to make it run more smooth. But for this being the first time I think it was really great and starting off okay.
  4. I think yes I would vlog again because it is pretty cool and is a nice thing to do especially if you have nothing else better to do. I was able to replay and learn what I really do as a person to not only enjoy life but basically capture any moments.
  5. I have a varieties of my favorite YouTuber such as, Weylie Hoang, Stephanie Soo, Meredith Foster, Heng Visal, Jennim
  6. The different YouTubers all have different videos that shows their reputation and how people know them as. I like them all because they actually create many different videos and just vlog about things that you wouldn’t think of. And also some of them talks about like advices or just situations in life and what needs to be known out there.
  7. The topic of what they’re going to talk about and also the editing techniques and organization.
  8. Authenticity is like referring to what is coming and given from you. while, Performance is like a showcase that its represented by you toward others. Based on my understanding I feel like both can be similar in a way and they can go together.
  9. I feel like Jennifer Aniston is more likely Authenticity because when she is speaking she is kinda being nature and real about it and just being true to herself.
  10. Here is the link to my Vlog. I wasn’t able to unload it for some reason

Automatic Drawing

week #10

Overall the experience for this activity was very interesting. Having to draw the map of our campus was kind of fun because it was based on visualizing and seeing what you remember and basing it on that. For the Automatic Drawing, it was also fun because you actually can’t predict how it will turn out but it was nice to see how it turns out at the end.

Artist conversation #4

Exhibition Information:

Artist: Mahsa Sorundi

Exhibition: Inner Fragments

Media: Installations, video art, painting, Mixed Media, Drawing and Painting

Gallery: Interview on youtube/online


Instagram: mahsasorundi

About the artist:

Mahsa Sorundu, is an artist and independent art curator. She attended Azad Art and Architecture University and received her BFA in Visual Communication. One of her interest is having an opportunity to come live elsewhere than staying at where she is originally from. As an Artist, she was able to learn and explore a lot of new things here and have accomplished some of the works that indicates her talent.

Formal Analysis:

After being able to see the work that she has displayed on her social media, I was able to see that each pieces tell a story about her family and the challenges that she may have back when she was in Iran. Her lifestyle was very different, it seems like she has face many obstacles and want to have a better life for herself and family. Her art consist of her talking about the replantation of ornamental plant that she started with. She wanted to describe it by saying that this is the plant trying to adapt to a new environment which is related to her coming to the US and adapting to a new place.

Content Analysis:

The plants that was showed in the video and her talking about it in her website, she said that leaving her country Iran had made her feel some sort of way because it was something different and she felt isolated, independent. She talked about how plants is something that she considers to be important and to treat it like it something valuable. comparing it to plants she wants to share that just like plants are they need to adapt to their environment just like humans do such as adapting to a new home.

Synthesis/ My experience:

Overall after seeing her art, I learned that it kinda relates to not only myself but the world. The pandemic that is known has been a big picture in each and everyones life and has affected us physically. The quarantine life isn’t going to well for everyone because their daily life isn’t that productive anymore. People want to actually be able to go out in public and do things that they want, but as of right now they can’t. It is difficult adapting to this situation because it is something so awful and no one was ever prepared to see this even coming so there is a lot of things people were looking up to doing throughout the years, days but it is officially canceled.

Romantic Pop song

Week #8


I knew, I pretended that I don't 
there is someone here 
he's been waiting for me but I don't care
I didn't know, there is a lonely person 
I've never cared 
but he still takes care of me every time 
sorry for everything 
wish you the very best in everything, my lovely person 
thank you for the pure heart 
you had for me, I will remember it forever 
don't worry about me, I'm fine 
please don't worry about me 
from now on 
I will remember you in my heart 
my lovely person 


1. For this song lyrics I was trying to picture about a guy that cared so much about me and gave all the love he had, but I pretended to ignore and not care about it when really I do. And basically this song is about like knowing there is one person that cares and loves me and is always there for me but basically my feelings is just me taking him for granted and not seeing how much love he shows me which instead I chose to just apologized and distance myself from him but still has him in my mind. 

2. Basically the process for this song is just having to think about how to make each lyrics and line make sense because throughout the process of writing this and putting words together and seeing the conclusion this isn't something that occur personally but this is realistic and could've occurred in other relationships.

3. It wasn't easy because you have to come up with like what you want to write about and the topic of it basically it's like a story. In the beginning it was a little difficult because you have to come up with words and use them to make them sound good together and then you start to create a story based on the words you chose to use. 

4. I think my song went well, if people like to listen to love songs mixed with sad songs it will be good because it has a lot of meanings to it and it empowers people that may have been going through a relationships and have already experienced something like this.

5. Maybe I will if I feel like it because it is something to clear off your mind when you are writing something since it is like creating a story.

6. If I did get an opportunity to write a song I will pick love songs, because I've always love listening to love song no matter if it's pop, country, Edm it is just something I enjoy listening to that I never get tired of and I could have it on replay. 

Artist Conversation #3

Exhibition Information:

Artist- Sienna Browne

Exhibition- Product of the Palette

Media- Sculpture, Painting, Drawing

Gallery- Black Umbrella Tattoo and Art gallery


Instagram- siennabrowneart

About the Artist:

Sienna Browne, is a fourth year student and is in the Drawing and Painting BFA program at CSULB. She will be graduating in spring 2020 and will be continuing to pursue an Art credential. Aside from being an artist she is also a lifeguard at Huntington Beach, EMT, Instructional Student Assistant for the art faculty. Her art consists of many different artwork that is related to her own personal life experiences which includes some obstacles that she has overcome.

Formal Analysis:

Sienna has many different art forms. Her artwork showcase about a particular story something that she has faced in her life. The colors that are used in each of the artwork are different such as pastel, primary colors and more. Overall, the art that she has created does have a form of shapes to construct what she is trying to say and each image you see you can kind of see that it does tell something.

Content Analysis:

Sienna’s artwork mainly focuses about her putting her artwork into stories. She likes to put her work in chronological order. Her artwork and colors that she uses all indicate a specific emotions. For instance, one of the artwork that she was talking about indicates about her eating disorders and about how she felt insecure about her body. Lastly, her art has many different features and styles, she did mention that one of her artwork requires light to show the ultra violet artwork.

My Experience:

After looking at her pieces and listening to her share her artwork, I really liked her artwork because it senses me with how great it looks. I like the use of colors that she used for each of the ones she created because it tells you a specific emotion for that art. Each art she created was really nice such as the food ones and the one she said that related to her eating disorders because you can actually picture it being in real life.

Counterfactual Identity

Week #7

  1. Basically, I didn’t really change my look much but I was still able to stand out to others and look different in a way. So what I did was I went grocery shopping in Garden Grove with my parents. While walking into the store I’ve asked a few customers if they can identify me by guessing what my name is and my current major.
  2. Although, my outfit wasn’t really different to how I usually dress like but I was able to get some people’s attention because some did glance while some didn’t. But I felt like what I chose to wear that day didn’t really stand out much to some people since some may have been already familiarize with the look. So at the beginning some people thought my name was Jasmine, Melanie, Stella, Miranda. I had received many different name’s from people even though it was incorrect. They thought I was an international student and majoring in fashion design, business, International studies.
  3. In conclusion, I would have to say that this experience was great because it was an opportunity for me to change myself in a way to make myself more appealing to the crowds. I was able to learn that by just changing how I look such as my identity can really change people’s perspective on how they view me. Lastly, I was able to learn about how people can just view you by just how you look and stand out in public because most people would like a first impression to be their very best since some people do judge others by just looking at how they appear without even knowing them.