Remix Culture

week 15

So for this week’s blog I chose to gather images from a magazine and the one I drew. Basically the reason why I chose these specific images to talk about it’s because these pictures kinda correlate to people that loves sweet and just doing fun things during their free time or during their hangouts. For example boba milk tea, has been a drink that is popularized by a lot of people since it is well known and a lot of people get that as a daily. Along with the polaroid, everyone must love taking photos to create memories. The internet culture is something very important in our society and it is always use on the daily to express people’s reaction and feelings toward something they like to do.

About copyright although I didn’t do a video for my blog this week I believed that it is something that people should get credit for especially if its their own work, and if someone takes it without a consent then they should receive consequences for it. This activity was actually a little interesting because I get to gathered a few things and put it together in a piece, but ultimately I feel like if I had more images to put it would’ve been so much better because I am able to see like the different things place there.

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